How To Find An Architect

How To Find An Architect


As many professionals do, architects get much of their business through word of mouth. Ask family, friends and professional colleagues for referrals.  Meet architects at your site – most should do this for free and are willing to meet at a property even before you’ve made an offer

Make sure it’s the right fit.

No matter how creative the architect’s sketches are, ultimately, you want a building that will not leak, rot, fall apart, or need maintenance. Every architect is not as technically competent as the other. A good architect will have a basic understanding of structural engineering, building construction, building services (such as electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning, and information systems), quality management, local building regulations, and project management.


To get the most out of working with an architect, it’s important to communicate honestly about your needs, preferences, budget and expectations. Realistic pre-planning and open communication will help your architect create the most appropriate design solutions for your project.


Licensed architects typically have a degree from an accredited college, have completed a few thousand intern hours under a licensed professional, and have completed a series of eight rigorous exams.

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